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Woman Thrashes Zomato Delivery Partner, Internet Calls For Action

Video: Woman Thrashes Zomato Delivery Partner, Internet Calls For Action

The user shared the video on August 16, but did not mention the location of the incident.

A video of a woman thrashing a Zomato food delivery executive, who was on his way to deliver an order, has surfaced on social media. In the clip, the woman is seen repeatedly beating the delivery agent with her shoe.

The video has been posted by a Twitter user named dj. He claimed that the delivery partner was carrying his order and that the clip was recorded by one of the bystanders. “Some woman took the order from him and started hitting him with her footwear,” the caption read. It also added that the delivery partner was left “terrified that he would lose his job”. 

The user shared the video on August 16, but did not mention the location where the incident took place.

In a Twitter thread, the user said that after he came to know about the incident, he tried calling Zomato customer care. 

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“I told them that ‘I don’t care about the order, your partner got assaulted, please help him,’ but they asked me to tell the rider to contact rider support. He tried that but they didn’t understand Kannada, and of course, he was scared to lose his job,” the social media post read. 

Further, the Twitter user stated that he was left “perplexed”. “Why would a woman hit a DE for a sandwich?” he said. Dj added that the delivery agent told the woman it is someone else’s order and asked her for the receipt to tally it. “But she didn’t listen and started hitting him.” 

Zomato has also reacted to the now-viral video. “We are getting this checked” and “will contact the delivery partner,” the company said on Twitter. 

Meanwhile, since being shared, the video has received mixed reactions. One user wrote, “Such a shameless lady she should be aware that you are accepting another person’s order and this type of behaviour is unacceptable @zomato should file a complaint against this lady and support the delivery boy.”

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Another said, “Disgraceful behaviour by the woman.” A third wrote, “These delivery guys work so hard irrespective of rain and all.. Its not at all acceptable to treat them like this! The customer service works well enough to sort out issues.. Violent behavior like this is not okay.. These kind of users must be blacklisted from the app!”

“I think there should be a system within the @zomato app to rate the customers by delivery boys whether men or women,” suggested fourth. 

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