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Will Start Protest If We Don’t Get Justice For My Son: Sidhu Moosewala’s Mother

'Will Start Protest If We Don't Get Justice': Sidhu Moosewala's Mother

Sidhu Moosewala’s mother said justice has yet not been delivered to them.

Mansa (Pb):

Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala’s mother on Sunday said she and her husband will start a protest if they don’t get justice for their son, claiming that the real culprits were not yet behind bars although more than three months have passed since their son’s murder.

Addressing a gathering of the singer’s fans at their home in Punjab’s Mansa along with her husband Balkaur Singh, Charan Kaur said enough time has passed since their son was killed, but so far real culprits are not yet behind bars.

Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu, popularly known as Sidhu Moosewala, was shot dead in Punjab’s Mansa district on May 29.

Out of the six shooters who allegedly killed Moosewala, three have been arrested, two have been killed in police encounter while one is still missing.

She said they fully cooperated with the government and police but justice has yet not been delivered to them.

“More than three months have passed, we have given enough time to government and administration, but they are taking undue advantage of our gentleness,” she said.

Had they refused to cremate him for two days, the administration would have done something, she said.

On people calling her a ‘sherni’ (a lioness), Kaur said she was an ordinary person, but “I have become a sherni for seeking justice for my child”.

Kaur announced that if they don’t get justice for their son, she and her husband will start a protest.

Addressing the gathering at the “final prayers” on June 8, the singer’s emotional father had said he still does not understand what was his son’s fault that led to his killing. They won’t rest until the singer gets justice, he had then said. 

On August 14, Moosewala’s father had claimed that his son could not decipher that those who were claiming to be his friends would become his enemy one day, and said that he will soon reveal their names.

Addressing a gathering in Mansa, Balkaur Singh had said his son made his name worldwide with his singing.

Some ‘black sheep’ became enemies of his career, Mr Singh had said.

Canada-based Goldy Brar, who is a member of the Lawrence-Bishnoi gang, had claimed the responsibility of the Moosewala’s murder.

Police have said Moosewala’s killing was in retaliation of youth Akali leader Vicky Middukhera’s murder that took place last year.

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