Watch: Woman Eats Burger While Skydiving, Amazes Foodies

If there’s one thing in abundance on the internet, it has to be the element of bizarre. From bizarre food to strange happenings, there’s all this and more. Just a quick scroll through your social media feed, and you will see people performing all sorts of crazy stunts and grabbing eyeballs for them. Recently, we saw how a woman, McKenna Knipe, ate a whole pie by herself while skydiving. The video of her stunning act went viral and garnered millions of views. And now, she has once again performed a stunt that has amazed the internet. Knipe ate a whole burger while skydiving, and the video has taken foodies by surprise. Take a look at the full video here:

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The video was shared by the skydiver, @mckennaknipe on Instagram Reels. Knipe was eating a burger while skydiving from a height 10,000 feet. Interestingly, the burger was made with a plant-based meat patty. “One of the OG’s. Impossible food’s whopper tastes even BETTER at 10,000 feet! Thanks for the ride and the chow my frands,” wrote the video creator in her post. The burger clip has already received 169k views and 6.9k likes.

A number of Instagram users shared their reactions to the woman eating a burger while skydiving. Several were amazed by the extraordinary feat that she performed while skydiving. “It must be so cool to fly on the back of a wingsuit, what an idea,” wrote one user while another said, “You guys are absolutely crazy haha! Love your vibe!” Meanwhile, another user joked, “I was wondering how I randomly got hit by a half-eaten impossible whopper!”

What did you think of the woman eating a burger while skydiving? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, if you are craving some delicious homemade burgers, then we have got some recipes for you. These burgers can be easily made in your kitchen and are actually quite healthy. So, enjoy these burgers without any guilt! Click here for healthy burger recipes.

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