Watch: Virat Kohli Shares Best And Worst Food Moments While Giving A Tour Of New Restaurant

Former Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli has already won accolades on the field and his passion for the sport shines through his performance. But it’s not just cricket Virat Kohli is fond of. Apparently, he is also passionate about food and that makes him one of our favourite celebrities to follow. His love for food prompted him to open his own chain of restaurants ‘One8 Commune’ and it’s making news these days as it just opened a new outpost in Juhu, Mumbai. In a YouTube video, Virat Kohli gives a virtual tour of the restaurant and shares his personal foodie experiences too!  

What’s really special about the restaurant is that it is nestled in the old bungalow of the late singer Kishore Kumar, named Gauri Kunj. While conversing with actor/host Maniesh Paul, Virat Kohli revealed that he really admired Kishore Kumar and always wanted to meet him.  

Take a look at the video here.  

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While giving a tour of the new restaurant, Viral Kohli shared his enthusiasm about the project. “I don’t get going with anything if I can’t be involved. If I am associated with something, I need to be involved. You’ve invested your time and a part of you. I wanted to do this. We have kept a focus on a lot of things, especially food.” 

We all have some good and some bad food experiences, and Virat Kohli has had them too. In the video, he shared his best and worst food moments. “Recently I went to Paris, which was my worst. For vegetarians it was a nightmare, there was a language barrier and there were not many options.” Moving on to his best food moment, he said, “Best was when I actually went to Bhutan. Organically grown, the local vegetable, their wild rice. They call it the Bhutanese farmhouse. The concept is that they have small huts and you climb up the stairs and they grow the vegetables just below. So they plucked organic vegetables, we ate with them at their house and it was the best meal.” 

Enough about himself, Virat Kohli went on to reveal the name of the one Indian cricketer whose food habits baffled him. It was Wriddhiman Saha. “If I’ve seen anyone try a unique combination while eating then it is Wriddhiman Saha. I once noticed his plate, which had butter chicken, roti, salad and there was a rasgulla kept as well. There were times when I saw him eat ice-cream with dal chawal. He eats them together.” 

Thanks to the video, we got a glimpse of the foodie side of Virat Kohli. But wife Anushka Sharma had already given us a heads-up recently when she declared that Kohli loves Delhi-style chole bhature and it’s his go-to cheat meal. Read all about it here

Have you ever visited Virat Kohli’s One8 Commune restaurant? Share your experience with us here.  

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