Watch: This Unique Chai From Bangladesh Has Dragon Fruit Flavours In It

If there is one drink that is on the top of every Indian’s list, it has to be chai. Countless foodies across the globe swear by their morning cup to wake them up and help them fuel up for the rest of the day. Whether you like cutting or masala, elaichi or adrak – there is a chai for every flavour palate. Recently, chai has come into the limelight for an interesting reason. A food blogger shared a video of a unique chai from Bangladesh that has the flavour of dragon fruit in it. The quirky creation has piqued the internet’s curiosity. Take a look:

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The video was shared on Instagram by popular blogger @thegreatindianfoodie. Since then, it has received over 104k views and 2.3k likes. “Pink Dragon Fruit waali chai ! Ye interesting reel aapke liye all the way from Bangladesh (It’s Pink Dragon Fruit chai. This interesting reel is for you all the way from Bangladesh),” wrote the blogger in the caption.

In the making of the unique chai from Bangladesh, we see the regular tea being added to a small glass. Then, a small extract of fresh dragon fruit is added to the chai and mixed well. Lastly, a dash of condensed milk is also added in and the tea is served hot and fresh!

Internet users gave mixed reactions to the dragon fruit chai. Some felt that this bizarre creation was unnecessarily tampering with the original chai recipe. A few others thought that this dragon fruit chai could actually taste fruity and delicious and was not such a bad idea after all.

This is not the only chai that has found itself in the trends in the recent past. Previously, the Kashmiri Noon chai was also among the top trends on the internet. This interesting chai has a wholesome pink colour and also quite an interesting taste. Click here to read more about the Kashmiri noon chai.

What did you think of the unique dragon fruit chai from Bangladesh? Tell us in the comments below.

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