Watch: Nashik Street Vendor Dips Hand In Hot Oil; Internet Has Mixed Reaction

Indian street food offers us a never-ending variety. Every two days, we find ourselves standing outside a stall and enjoying a crisp aloo chaat, vadas, gorging down yummy puchkas, and so much more. While we do all this, we may not realise the hard work a street vendor has to do to prepare that particular dish for us. They might have to source the ingredients from different places, have them ready one day before, and stand all day in front of a hot kadai to prepare it for us. While all these things are common, street vendors may sometimes catch our attention with their cooking style too. Recently, a similar thing happened in Nashik, when a woman was seen making vada pavs in boiling oil with her hand! Sounds surprising, doesn’t it?

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In a video uploaded by Instagram food blogger @_veggie_bite_, we see a woman preparing vada for pavs. She takes a pav and cuts it in half. Then she adds a generous layer of aloo masala with a slice of cheese. Then, she dips it in besan batter and cooks it in hot oil. Later, she picks up the vadas from the hot oil in her hand and smashes them on a plate. Check out the full video here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 413K times, has 16.7K likes, and hundreds of comments! Many users had mixed reactions to her cooking style. Take a look at some of the comments below:

“Itni bhi kya jaldi hai jo spoon ki jagah haath use kar rahe ho oil mein se nikalane ke liye (What is the rush that she has to use her hands instead of a spoon to take out the food

“Ma’am, please use gloves. Hygiene is important.”

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“I am more impressed by the woman picking vadas out of boiling oil with her bare hand.”

“Why is she using her hands even after a tong there?”

“I know people like some unique stuff. The sad truth is it won’t be popular if you don’t burn your hands. Lady, you are my hero.”

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