Watch: Bhopal Vendor Sells Namkeen While Singing Quirky Jingle, Wins Praise

While we all love going out to eat in restaurants, street food has a unique charm of its own. Be it the local pani puri seller or the pakodi vendor, these vendors become local favourites and have locals thronging in queues to taste their food. In multiple Indian cities and towns, another common feature is the food salesmen who would travel from door to door selling their wares to customers. They would often attempt to attract people by singing tunes and jingles, thus announcing their arrival and also the food that they are selling. Recently, one such vendor from Bhopal has surfaced on the internet and won a lot of praise. Take a look at the video here:

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The video was shared by @manishbpl1 on Twitter, where it received over 116.2k views and 3.2k likes in a short span of time. “Bhopali Namkeen wala. Bhopal mein talent ki kami nahi hain. Aap hee dekhiye kis gazab andaz se janab namkeen bech rahe hain [Bhopal has no shortage of talent. You can see what a wonderful manner this vendor is using to sell his snacks],” wrote the user in his tweet.

In the clip, we could see the vendor seated atop a scooter with a bag of his snacks in hand. The video was from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. “Tees rupaiya ke lajawab company ke naam ke snacks,” he announced loudly in a sing-song manner. The snacks he was selling included namkeens made with different flavours and textures such as moong, lehsun (garlic), pudina (mint), tamatar (tomato), and plain salted. Boondi, papdi and mixtures were some of the snacks he had to offer.

The wonderful manner of the Bhopal vendor selling his namkeens won much praise on the internet. “The new Kacha Badam,” wrote one user while another said, “This tip of the tongue product knowledge and lyrical way of wooing the customers. No business school will teach this!”

Take a look at the best reactions:

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What did you think of the snack seller from Bhopal? Do you think his song could be the next ‘Kacha Badam’? Tell us in the comments below.

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