Wait, What? This Golgappa Fountain Is Creating A Stir Among Twitter Foodies

Whether you call it pani puri or golgappe, patashe or puchka – Indians love this snack in every shape and form. Golgappe isn’t just a street-style favourite, but also a hit at parties and get-togethers. Just take the crispy puri, add the filling of choice, drizzle some chutneys, dunk it in water and dig in! Eating golgappe together is a community activity that also creates a unique bond among people. But one such recent innovation for sharing golgappe has created a stir among foodies on Twitter. A user shared the picture of a Golgappa fountain on Twitter and the interesting yet bizarre creation has got mixed responses from users. Take a look:

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The photograph was shared on Twitter by user Sameer S, who goes by the handle @Naa_Cheese. “Need this gol gappe fountain in my life,” wrote the user in the caption. In the click, we could see a golgappa fountain that had the teekha pani coming out from it. Usually, this fountain setup is used only for chocolate at parties and weddings. However, this golgappa fountain gave the concept a savoury twist and used it to dispense the golgappa water instead. People could take their puris and fill them with the required amount of water and binge to their heart’s content.

The tweet about the golgappa fountain garnered over 4.2k likes and hundreds of comments. Some people actually found the idea quite creative and wanted to try this too! “This will become the best-selling product in India,” predicted one Twitter user. Others thought that the idea was unhygienic and unsanitary, and could actually make a huge mess. “That looks a bit disgusting!”

Take a look at the best reactions:

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