Wait, What? Japan Government Launches Contest To Boost Alcohol Consumption

Japan Government wants the youths of the nation to drink more. Yes, you heard us! Consumption of alcohol is majorly linked to several health issues. This is why experts recommend limited or no consumption (of alcohol) to stay healthy and fit. But it seems Japan thinks it in a different way. In fact, they feel people in the country are not drinking enough alcohol. Hence, in a new (read: bizarre) initiative, the Japan Government has launched a competition with an aim to increase alcohol consumption among youths.

According to a report in Japan Today, a study has found that roughly half of young adults in Japan do not even have a daily drinking habit. Besides, post pandemic, people have decreased alcohol consumption significantly. This subsequently is decreasing the purchase of alcohol, affecting the country’s tax system. For the unversed, “alcoholic product sales are a rich source” of Japan’s tax system.

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Hence, to solve the issue, Japan’s National Tax Agency has launched the “Saka Viva!” campaign, where young people, aged between 20 and 39, are asked to come up with new ideas to help revitalise the industry. An NBC report reads, “It hopes the project will encourage young people to come up with “business plans” that would help promote alcoholic beverages among the younger generation.” Here, the contestants are asked to come up with new products and designs, as well as ideas to promote home drinking. The Guardian further reports that the entrants (of the competition) are also “encouraged to explore sales methods using the metaverse”.

Sounds unique (and bizarre); right? What are your thoughts on the initiative by Japanese Government? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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