Viral Video: “Scream For Chocolate” To Win Free McDonalds Ice Cream

Ask a room full of people if they want to have ice cream and we are certain that the answer would be yes! Who doesn’t love ice cream?! Almost everybody on this planet enjoys eating ice cream. This cold and creamy dessert is often the go-to way to cool down on a hot summer day for a sweet tooth. But, what if we told you that there is a way to get ice cream for free? That sounds like a dream, right?! Guess what? It is true! A recent campaign by McDonald’s Singapore offered free ice cream cones to a customer, but there was a hidden twist. Take a look:

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream”, we have all heard of this famous jingle, but McDonald’s decided to take it seriously! McDonald’s Singapore started a marketing campaign where people have to scream as loud as they can to get Hershey’s chocolate ice cream. A board was set up in front of a McDonald’s outlet with a huge vanilla ice cream and the following: “Having a vanilla day? SCREAM FOR CHOCOLATE”. The task is simple, you just need to scream till the vanilla turns into chocolate and you will enjoy Hershey’s chocolate ice cream for free!

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Many people have uploaded videos of themselves screaming in front of the board in an attempt to win the ice cream. People are spotted waiting in long lines to try their luck at getting the ice cream. One of the videos has gone viral, with over 53 million views worldwide and 3.1 million likes! The video was uploaded by @yukianggia on Instagram, and she decided to draw a comparison between the Asian people’s attempt to win the challenge and the Western people’s attempt. It turned out that Asian people could scream louder, and people on the internet had some funny explanations for it:

“Asians taking out all the anger of parents on the poor board (*sic*)”

“Ariana Grande be like: hold my beer”

“Ask Asian parents how to teach their kids to scream”

“Asians: AHHHHH AAAHHHHH AHHH AAAAAHHHHHHH western man:aaaa aaaaa aaa”

“We Asians become a bit desperate for free stuff”

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