Viral: Video Of Baby Snatching Chips Is Too Funny To Miss

Are you one of those people who dislike sharing their food? Even though you sometimes offer a bite from your plate to others, you may hope that the other person only picks small portions. However, if you think that only adults do this, babies are no less! We all are well aware of the shenanigans that babies do. Their small tactics and day-to-day activities never fail to make us laugh. Recently, another such video of a baby has gone viral on the internet. This time, it’s a video of a child snatching back their chips! Now we know that this may not sound interesting, but when you watch the video, it will surely change your mind.

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In a video uploaded by Instagram page @happyfacesgoal, we can see a baby sitting on a sofa. The baby has a packet of chips in their hand, which they seem to enjoy eating. Then a person next to the baby tries to take some of the chips. The baby immediately snatches back the chips packet and gives the person a hilarious look. The video’s caption reads, “When someone takes my food.” Take a look at the full video here:

Isn’t this funny!? Ever since this video was shared online, it has gained massive traction. The video has 6.1 million views, 279K likes, and up to 1500 comments! Many people have replied back with hilarious comments. Check out some of the comments below:

“I feel you, little homie. Got to protect what’s yours.”

“Oh my God, this is what I do with my snacks.”

“Baby really said: Go buy your own chips next time.”

“Babies are cute, but it is important to teach them to share also.”

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“Teach this beautiful child to share. He is already showing signs of being greedy.”

Many other users have tagged other people in the video, and some have replied using emojis.

What do you think about this funny video? Let us know in the comments below!

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