Viral Video: Delhi Food Outlet Serves Bizarre Strawberry And Blueberry Samosa, Divides Internet

Samosa is one of the most popular street food snacks in North India. This triangular shaped flaky pastry is filled with a scrumptious potato, pea and onion filling, deep-fried until golden brown and served with sweet and spicy chutney. One can never say no to a serving of piping hot samosas, especially on a rainy day. It is extremely versatile and people often experiment with it by stuffing it with various fillings. However, in a recent viral video, a Delhi food outlet went one step ahead in experimenting with the humble samosa. The outlet serves bizarre strawberry and blueberry samosas and has left netizens divided on the internet.  

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The video was shared by Instagram food blogger @burning_spices on the photo-sharing app. In the video, he first shares a glimpse of the strawberry samosa that is pink in colour and loaded with strawberry jam and filling. In the next visual, we see a blueberry samosa that is blue from the outside and consists of blueberry jam. A food outlet called the ‘Samosa Hub’ serves these samosas. Take a look at the video here: 

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Ever since the video was shared, it has garnered 3M views, over 32.1K likes and thousands of comments. While many samosa lovers were not happy with this food combination, others were excited to try it out. Take a look at some of the reactions: 

“Wow, looks super innovative! I wonder how it tastes.” 

“Kya ye khane ke layak hai? (Is this worth eating?)” 

“Something unique and different.” 

“Ahh, definitely waiting to try this.” 

“Kya dekh liya subah subah (What did I see early in the morning)” 


What do you think about this bizarre food combination? Let us know in the comments below! 

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