Viral Video: Baby Refuses To Leave Ice Cream After Tasting It For First Time

It is said that some things are never taught to us, and our love for ice cream is definitely one of those. Most of us seem to be born with an innate craving for ice creams and can hardly resist digging into a bucket of mint chocolate chip or cookies n’ cream. No matter how messy licking an ice candy can be, the cooling sensation and sweet taste is worth everything. Encapsulating this universal liking for delicious ice creams, a video of a baby has gone viral on the Internet. Uploaded on Twitter, the clip shows a baby tasting an ice cream cone, seemingly for the first time, and getting instantly hooked on it.

As soon as the baby takes the first lick, he gets enchanted by the treat and refuses to let go the ice cream. Grabbing the ice cream with his little hands, the baby then goes for another bite before the cone is taken away.

“Oh my…where have you been my whole life!?” the caption read.

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At the time of writing this, the clip garnered more than 1.4 million views on Twitter and evoked everyone’s love for ice creams. A number of responses poured into the video in the comments section. 

“Me around ice cream,” one user wrote.

Another said, “Lol when kid figures out they love ice cream”.

Some people expressed their surprise on seeing the baby’s reaction to ice cream.

“If it was mash potato or purity the response would be different..enjoy the ice cream baby,” a person wrote.

This user gave words to the child’s reaction. “Step aside people, I have found the love of my life!”

“I still react that way around ice cream,” read a comment.

Some could not get over the adorable kid.

“This was probably me when I was a baby. I LOVE ice cream,” one user confessed.

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Now, if you have started to crave some ice cream, then check out these homemade ice cream recipes. What did you think of the adorable video? Tell us in the comments.

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