Viral Video: Adorable Dad Whips Up Gourmet Meal For Baby, Twitter Reacts

If there’s one category of videos that is always a hit on social media, it has to be baby videos. We all love to binge-watch cute toddlers doing adorable things and winning our hearts every time. But recently, an adorable video featuring a baby’s father has gone viral and how. Believe it or not, the dad actually cooked up a delicious and lavish meal for his baby and won over the internet. The clip was shared by a Twitter page called Love Power. It was originally from an account by the name of Dr. Kat Day. “I have watched this about 17 times today and I just can’t stop,” read the caption to the video post. Take a look at the full video here.

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In the video, we could see the father on one side of the kitchen counter while the baby is on the other side. The father seems to be a professional chef or mixologist, and he is using his skillful expertise to serve a lavish meal for the baby. He performs and tries some wonderful antics to serve his baby a simple meal of milk and chicken nuggets. The father even mixes the formula milk in the way that cocktails are mixed at restaurants. The baby too is completely absorbed in the magical experience. The 2-minute and 20-second video indeed makes for an engaging watch!

The video of the adorable father making a lavish meal for his baby has gone viral on the internet. In a span of just a single day, it has received over 19.5 million views and thousands of comments and likes. “The best chef in the world,” wrote one user while another said, “How sweet & innovative… incredible talent, with oodles of patience!!”

Take a look at the best reactions to the viral video:

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