Viral Video: 97-Year-Old NYC Restaurant Serves Traditional Cola Float

Be it candy or cola, chips or creamy cakes – we all remember the foods and restaurants from our childhood with immense nostalgia. These aren’t just things that remind us of simpler times, but also taste incredibly delicious. Every city has its own legacy of restaurants and diners that used to do things a traditional way in the old days but later evolved to adapt to modern times. In New York, for instance, the concept of a soda fountain was extremely popular in nearly all restaurants. A blogger in the city found that one restaurant is actually serving up cola in the traditional way. The video of the same has gone viral on Instagram. Take a look:

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The video was shared on Instagram by @newyorknico, where it has received over 8 million views and 277k likes. “Lexington Candy Shop is a 97-year-old luncheonette on the upper east side that still makes their Coke the old-fashioned way,” wrote the blogger in the caption.

In the viral video, we could see a small clip from Lexington Candy Shop – an establishment that has been at the corner of Lexington Avenue and 83rd street since 1925. It is an authentic NYC Luncheonette serving authentic American fare, that reminds locals of a bygone era when soda fountains were a common feature at every restaurant.

First, the person took a tall glass and added what seemed to be concentrated cola syrup. Then, he filled it up with soda water from another tap. Next, a scoop of ice cream topped up the drink that was served to the blogger!

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How interesting and unique, right? Internet users loved the traditional way of serving Cola drink to the customers in NYC. “One of my favourite places,” wrote one user while another commented, “Insane!!” One user commented, “I love his expression as he handed that to you,” while yet another one said, “Yeah I still make Coke the old fashion way too!”

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