Video Of Ice Cream Made With Garlic Cloves Shocks The Internet

Ice cream is undoubtedly one of our all-time favourite desserts. Whether we have it by itself or pair it with a waffle cone, ice cream refreshes our senses while giving a sweet aftertaste. From chocolate to butterscotch, strawberry to vanilla – there are so many ice cream flavours out there. You can also experiment a lot when it comes to ice cream by creating new and innovative versions of it. But what if we told you someone had created a garlic-flavoured ice cream? Believe it or not, a blogger shared a video of ice cream made with garlic cloves. Take a look at the shocking video:

Garlic is a condiment popularly used in India to add some flavouring to our dishes. The humble ingredient packs a burst of flavour and is used very sparingly in most recipes. In this bizarre experiment, however, garlic was the main ingredient used to create popsicles or ice cream.

The original video of the garlic-flavoured ice cream was created by a blogger called Scott’s Reality. Then, nutrition expert Megha remixed the video and shared it on her own handle @the_fit_jodi. “Garlic ice cream,” she wrote in the caption of the video along with some disgusting emojis. The clip has gone viral and raked in over 11.6 million views and nearly 200k likes.

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Garlic is used as a flavouring agent in many Indian recipes. 

In the clip, we could see the blogger adding water and peeled garlic cloves to a mould. He then pushed a popsicle stick into it and froze the ice cream. This resulted in a bizarre ice cream made with actual garlic cloves, and he even took a bite of it on camera! “I’ve heard of garlic chutney, garlic sabzi but never of garlic ice cream,” exclaimed the blogger in the video.

This is not the only experiment that has been conducted with ice cream. Recently, we have seen street food vendors creating all sorts of bizarre ice cream rolls with ingredients like dhokla, idli and even dal makhani.

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