Use Ashtami-Special Leftover Kale Chane To Make These Recipes For The Next Meal

Every Ashtami (or Navami), we spring up from our bed in the excitement of enjoying the customary halwa poori chane platter prepared for bhog. The fact that it is made only twice in a year makes this meal even more tempting. The simple yet delicious kale chane, paired with sweet halwa and fried poori seems like a combination made in heaven. Breakfast in almost every Indian household is this delicious meal, and many of us have it again for lunch, but a third serving looks like a bit too much. Often, we are left with chane that we are not able to finish even after overloading on them. Out heart breaks seeing our beloved chane go to waste, but not anymore.

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Here we have listed down some great recipe ideas that will utilise the leftover chane to serve you another exciting meal. You can have these for evening snacks, dinner or even for breakfast next morning. To add onions and garlic or to skip it is completely your choice. Remember the cooked chane are already seasoned, so adjust the amount of extra seasoning accordingly.

5 Recipes To Make With Leftover Kale Chane:

1. Kala Chana Kebab

Grind the dry kale chana with no or little water, combine with brown bread and spices. Knead lightly and make roundels with it. Then cook from both the sides to make lip-smacking kebabs to pair with your evening tea. Click here for the complete recipe of Kala Chana Kebab.


2. Kala Chana Chaat

This is the easiest snack you can prepare with the leftover chane. Combine them with boiled potatoes, add spices like chillies and roasted cumin powder. Also sprinkle some lemon juice and enjoy a great teatime session. Click here for the complete recipe of kala chana chaat.

3. Tari Poha

Poha is an all-time favourite breakfast option of all of us. This time, try something new with this poha made with kale chane. The best part is you don’t have to soak and cook the chane from scratch. Add in other poha-special ingredients and treat yourself to a sumptuous breakfast the next morning. Click here for the complete recipe of Tari Poha.


4. Kale Chane Rasedaar

Enjoy the same flavour of your favourite sukhe kale chane but with some gravy for dinner. Just add in the cooked chane to simmering gravy and pair with rice or roti for dinner. Click here for the complete recipe of kale chane rasedaar.

5. Kala Chana Soup

After wolfing down bowls of halwa throughout the day, if your stomach is screaming for relief, make this light and nutritious kala chana soup. Add vegetables and spices of your choice. Click here for the complete recipe of kala chana soup.

Don’t let your leftover kale chane go to waste. Turn them into yet another delicacy and enjoy.

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