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TV Host Nikhil Chinapa Slams Air Vistara, Shares Video Of Insect On Flight

Television Host Nikhil Chinapa Slams Air Vistara, Shares Video Of Insect On Flight

Air Vistara is yet to respond to Mr Chinapas Twitter post.

Music entrepreneur and DJ Nikhil Chinapa on Saturday shared a video of an insect crawling inside his Vistara flight. Mr Chinapa tweeted the clip minutes after calling out the airline for “repeatedly” sending him “unsolicited messages” about booking a “sanitised” taxi with their cab partner. 

“It’s funny you mention providing sanitised cabs. Perhaps start with sanitising your planes first, @airvistara? #justsaying #goodmorningtoyoutoo,” he tweeted while sharing the short video which showed a small insect crawling across a seat. 

Before this, Mr Chinapa also slammed Air Vistara for “constantly and repeatedly” violating his privacy by sending him “unsolicited messages” about the facility to avail sanitised cabs in Mumbai. 

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“Dear @airvistara please STOP! I don’t want to book a cab and I DID NOT opt for you to constantly and repeatedly violate my privacy by sending me unsolicited messages. #vistara,” he wrote on Twitter. 

Vistara airline is yet to respond to Mr Chinapa’s Twitter post. 

Meanwhile, this comes after another Vistara airline passenger found a cockroach in his packed food during his flight. Taking to Twitter, passenger Nikul Solanki said that there was a “small cockroach in Air Vistara meal”. 

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Mr Solanki also uploaded two images of the food he had on the journey. While the first picture showed idli sambhar and upma displayed on a platter, the second zoomed-in photo showed a dead cockroach inside the food. 

Air Vistara was quick to respond to Mr Solanki’s tweet. “Hello Nikul, all our meals are prepared keeping the highest standards of quality in mind. Please send us your flight details over DM so we can look into the matter and address it at the earliest. Thank you,” the airline wrote. 

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