“Trust” Ranveer Brar And Add Sugar To Your Chicken Dishes

When it comes to cooking lip-smacking delicious food, you have to trust Ranveer Brar. The chef has shared details about the “secret ingredient” in chicken dishes. Any guesses? No, it’s not a spice. Just a dash of sugar. In an Instagram video, where Ranveer is seen preparing a chicken dish. He sprinkles some sugar while cooking it. Next, the chef explains that sugar helps in caramelisation as well as accentuates the sweetness of onions. Ranveer Brar always prefers to add salt in sweet dishes and sugar in savory ones. Why? Well, according to him, both salt and sugar bring out the “character of the dish.” While the tip to add sugar to a chicken dish may sound bizarre, the chef urges people to “trust” him. 

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Wait, are you craving a yumilicious chicken dish already? No worries. We have done our homework. Here are five chicken recipes which you can cook at home. And don’t forget to add some sugar to it. 

1.Chicken Tawa Boti

Looking for an evening snack? Here it is. Try this masaledar chicken tawa boti, which has the aroma and flavour of spices. To say the least, it is finger-licking delicious. 

2.Chicken Tangdi Masala

Chicken drumsticks generously coated in traditional spices and laced in a thick gravy, this recipe has surely got us drooling. 

3.Satay Chicken Curry 

Looking for the perfect touch of sweet and savory in a chicken dish? This Satay chicken recipe has got it all. The rich and creamy coconut simply adds more texture and flavour to the dish. Don’t forget to marinate the chicken in a sauce loaded with satay flavours. Save the recipe right away. 

4.Tamil Nadu Chicken Salna 

Chicken smeared in a mix of flavourful spices makes this curry stand apart. The paste, made of fennel seeds, peppercorns, cinnamon sticks, cloves and star anise, is what makes this dish a show stealer at the dinner table. 

5.One Pot Butter Chicken

You can never turn down a bowl of butter chicken. Right? Juicy chicken cooked in a rich tomato paste is all you need to devour after a tiring day at work. 

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