This Lemon Butter Chicken Is A Delicious Treat To Try Over The Weekend

Imagine this: the cold weather has slowly started to kick, and we can already feel a nip in the air. Amid this weather, we all like to have some crispy, fried, and indulgent snacks. And if that appetiser is made with chicken, then nothing feels better than it! The crispy, juicy and succulent chicken is a favourite for many of us. It is one of those things that we can have any time and any day. Plus, just a bite of this snack makes our day better. So, if you also want to have a yummy chicken dish, here we bring you a recipe for lemon butter chicken.

As soon as one says butter chicken, your mind instantly may imagine the spicy pool of masalas mixed with rich tomato gravy and charred chicken pieces. But this recipe for lemon butter chicken is nothing like that. This recipe has light and pleasant flavours of herbs, butter, and spices. The flavour of lemon shines in the dish and gives you a completely different taste from the regular masaledar recipes that we eat. Once you make this dish, you can pair it with rice or have it just as it is! It is delightful and easy to make. Check out the full recipe below:

Lemon Butter Chicken Recipe: Here’s How To Make Lemon Butter Chicken:

Take chicken breasts and flatten them out. Now coat it with some salt, pepper, and flour and pan fry it till a crisp. Till the chicken gets cooked, add butter in a different pan. Throw garlic into it. Then add parsley, pepper, and some olive oil. Once that sauce is ready, add the crispy chicken to it. Mix it well with the sauce, and then serve.

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Try out these yummy recipes and let us know how you found their taste.

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