These 5 Nutritionist-Approved Foods Will Make You Feel Less Hungry  

Have you ever experienced pain in your stomach, especially on the upper left side? This is commonly known as hunger pangs. These hunger pangs are caused by strong contractions of the stomach when it’s empty. The sensation is also accompanied by hunger, or the desire to eat. What do these hunger pangs mean? Well, they may be an indication that your body needs more nutrients. 

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Nutritionist Lovneet Batra, in an Instagram post, has explained how certain food items can help in fixing these hunger pangs. The health expert said that it is essential to include the right elements in the diet, which will only help in stabilising energy in the body.  She said, “Hunger pangs caused by certain hunger hormones in our body occur for a variety of reasons. And to fight them you need to find the right fix that stabilises energy in our system.”

1.  Almonds

As almonds are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamin E, magnesium, healthy fats, protein, and fiber, they increase feelings of fullness. According to the nutritionist, almonds reduce hunger and improve dietary vitamin E and monounsaturated fat.


2. Coconut

It is a great snack to curb those hunger pangs as well as burn that body fat faster. It also reduces appetite leading to a spontaneous decrease in calorie intake. The fiber content in coconut is quite high therefore it can boost fullness and prevent you from overeating. 


3. Chana Sprouts

Rich in protein and fiber, chana sprouts qualify as a healthy and fulfilling breakfast. As protein takes longer to digest, it only lowers the hunger hormone levels, and potentially helps you eat less. 

4. Buttermilk

Buttermilk works as a great hydrator and is excellent for your appetite. “Studies also suggest that the high calcium and protein contents of buttermilk influence appetite and energy intake,” the health expert added. 


5. Vegetable Juice with Flaxseeds

In case you don’t like to eat your greens, blend them and make a refreshing glass of juice. It is an easy way to get those antioxidants and fibre in your diet. Vegetable juice also keeps your gut health in check. You can add a dose of healthy fats with a tbsp of roasted flaxseeds. 


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