Tamil Lyricist Claims To Find Chicken In His Veg Meal; Demands Apology From Swiggy

Ordering food is a part of our life. Whether we are too lazy to cook or we are in the mood to eat something delicious, our minds go straight to ordering food home. It won’t be wrong to say that we all have become experts in ordering food online, right? And, we have experienced almost every food order disaster there may be. At least, that’s what we like to believe! However, we came across an incident that we highly doubt you would have experienced. Tamil lyricist Ko Sesha’s encounter with ordering food will have you stunned!

The incident took place in Karnataka’s capital Bengaluru when Ko Sesha decided to order a meal from Swiggy’s food venture The Bowl Company. The vegetarian artist placed an order for a bowl of gobhi Manchurian and corn-fried rice. Upon receiving the order, he was shocked to discover pieces of chicken in his vegetarian meal! When he raised a complaint, he was further stunned by the corporation when customer care offered compensation of INR 70 for this mistake. The total vegetarian meal was actually INR 179. Ko Sesha shared the incident on Twitter and the post has 1.5 likes, 587 retweets and 95 quote tweets. Take a look:

People were shocked to discover that this took place. Many Indians are vegetarian for religious reasons; therefore, many people were unhappy to see how lightly a grave situation like this was treated by the corporation. Some vegetarians even suggested that it is safer to order food from a pure vegetarian restaurant, rather than a restaurant that serves both. Here’s what people tweeted about the incident:

Have you experienced anything like this while ordering food? How would you have reacted if something like this happened to you? Do share your thought with us in the comments section below!

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