Swiggy Delivery Agent Working Barefoot Melts Hearts On Internet – See Post

Internet is loaded with different types of content that keep us hooked on to it for hours. Some content are just for entertainment purpose, some help enhance our knowledge. Then there are some that speaks at length about humanity and positive vibes. We recently came across one such news that inspired us to the core. It was about a food delivery agent and his dedication towards work. A LikedIn user, named Tariq Khan, recently shared an appreciation post featuring the story of a Swiggy delivery agent, who was seen working ‘bare foot’. When asked for the reason, the agent said that he met with an accident that left his foot and ankle swollen.

Tariq Khan, in the post, shared that he came across the agent in an elevator. Mr. Khan further advised him to take a break and stop working. The agent, in a prompt reply, stated, “I have a family to feed” and walked away after wishing, “Have a good evening sir”.

“It’s people like him that inspire me to work hard and push myself when it’s necessary,” the post reads. Tariq Khan further urged Swiggy to acknowledge “the hard work of this man”.

Find the complete post below:

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Photo Credit: LinkedIn

The post in no time went all over social media, garnering more than 7000 likes and hundreds of comments and shares.

In a thread (of the post), Tariq Khan further stated, “Anyone who wants to help this man can inbox me and I can give you his paytm number.” Find the post below:

Also Read: Swiggy Delivery Boy Helps Save Man’s Life, Here’s The Full Story


Photo Credit: LinkedIn

People in no time started commenting on the post and wrote, “Well done”. Another person wrote, “Interested to help out.” A third comment read, “You are super kind Tariq sir.”

What are your thoughts on his heart-warming story? Do let us know in the comments below.

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