Redditor Shares “145 Megapixel” Image Of Sun, Internet Stunned

Redditor Shares '145 Megapixel' Image Of Sun, Internet Stunned

Picture shows crystal-clear image of the Sun captured by a specially-designed telescope.

A Redittor has enthralled a large number of users on the social media platform by posting a crystal-clear image of the Sun captured by a specially-designed telescope. The now-viral image shows the detailed structure of the Sun’s surface covered in ripples of plasma.

Shared by the user named ajamesmccarthy on sub-Reddit Pics, the image has been captioned, “I captured a 145-megapixel image of our sun using a specially modified telescope. Zoom in.”

Since being shared, the post has amassed over 36,000 likes and numerous comments. The users on the social media platform became so anxious about knowing the identity of the user while others were stunned with the quality of image.

One user wrote, “And you work at the NASA or something with a team of engineers, opticians and the like? I mean, please say that, it will make me feel better somehow.”

Another said, “I’m all over the images in your posts. Absolutely amazing.”

“Had to check the link just to make sure this wasn’t another chorizo situation,” wrote a third user.

The user said that the telescope used to capture the image was modified. It’s a well-known fact that looking directly at the Sun, either with the naked eye or through a regular telescope, is extremely dangerous.

According to the Australian Academy of Science, if people stare directly at the Sun with bare eyes, or any other sources of vibrant light, the exposed tissues of retina can get hurt.

last month, a French scientist tweeted a picture of a slice of chorizo and claimed it was an image of a far-off star acquired by the James Webb Space Telescope. He later issued an apology for doing that.

On July 31, prominent French physicist named Etienne Klein shared the image of the spicy Spanish sausage on Twitter, claiming that it was the most recent image captured by NASA’s James Webb Telescope. Mr. Klein is the director of the Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission in France.

The image that went viral on social media resembled a fiery red ball with terrifying light spots shining on a pitch-black background. The post received more than 15,000 likes and over 2,000 retweets.


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