Rakul Preet Singh And Arjun Kapoor Bond Over This Hot Beverage In Scotland

The temperatures are slowly dropping and we can all feel the nip in the air! The summer has finally ended and as we get ready to welcome the much-awaited winter, we can’t help but be excited about all the delicious winter delicacies we’ll get to enjoy. But for Arjun Kapoor and Rakul Preet Singh, it seems like winter is already here! The two actors seem to be in Scotland, working on a new project together. They shared with us an update on their #scotlanddiares and we spotted the two celebrities all wrapped in jackets and sweaters, smiling ear-to-ear and bonding over their love for a classic hot beverage that people of all ages like to drink in winter – hot chocolate! Take a look:


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Rakul Preet Singh shared this image with her 22.5 million followers, updating her fans about the “cold weather” and “hot chocolate”. She added #scotlanddiaries to let everybody know that the two are in Scotland. Arjun Kapoor, later on, re-shared the Instagram story with his 14 million followers and added that it was not just the normal hot chocolate, but rather it was oat milk hot chocolate.

Just looking at the actors bonding over hot chocolate, made me want to drink this chocolatey beverage! If you are craving the same, then we have found an easy hot chocolate recipe you can try at home:

Winter Special: 2-Minute Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe To Warm You Up

If you have been following Arjun Kapoor and Rakul Preet Singh, then you’d know that the two actors are big foodies! The last time we caught Arjun Kapoor showcasing his foodie indulgences, he was having a ‘healthy’ pizza party with his girlfriend Malaika Arora. As for Rakul Preet, her last foodie adventure was all about a unique beverage called beetroot latte. It seems like Rakul Preet loves a good beverage.

What do you think of Rakul Preet Singh and Arjun Kapoor’s Scotland diaries? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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