Quick And Easy Recipe: How To Make 2-Min Chocolate Brownie For Weekday Binge

By now, we all know how to bake a cake or a brownie. The past two years have taught us a lot – and cooking surely tops the list. Many of us, in fact, have turned into pro home-chefs today. From cakes to breads, we have baked almost everything at home. And we continue to do that today as well. But let’s agree, spending time in the kitchen during a weekday can be very tiring and time-taking. What do you do then? If you ask us, we go for recipes that are easy to make. That’s right. If you search on the internet, you will come across a pool of recipes – both sweet and savoury – that can be prepared in just no time.

We got you one of our favourite recipes that literally takes two minutes to prepare. It’s an instant chocolate brownie recipe. You heard us. The recipe is quick, fuss-free and can be prepared any time of the day. We prepare it to curb our weird time sweet cravings; you can try it too. Let us take you through the instant brownie recipe.

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How To Make Instant Chocolate Brownie At Home:

To make this dish, we need maida, sugar, cocoa powder, milk, vegetable oil and a mug (to make the brownie in). You can also use peanut butter, Nutella, chocolate syrup, maple syrup and walnut to garnish, as per your wish.

Start with taking a microwave-friendly mug. Then add all the dry ingredients in it. Next, mix the wet ingredients to the mug. Now, microwave it for a minute or two and relish your freshly baked instant chocolate brownie anytime you want.

We suggest you to have it hot, with a topping of your choice. Click here for the detailed recipe, with the quantity of the ingredients.

Loved the recipe? So, what are you waiting for? Prepare it today and bid adieu to your weekday blues. For more such chocolate-y dessert recipes, click here.

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