Potato Rings Recipe: Satisfy Your Hunger Pangs With This Delicious, Crispy Snack

Imagine this: you finished all your morning chores, are halfway through the office work and had a good lunch. But just a few hours after that, your stomach starts growling again. So, what to do now? Well, of course, no one would like to make a whole meal and create a big mess in the kitchen. When hunger hits at odd hours, snacks always come to the rescue. You can throw a mix of ingredients and make different recipes. However, if you are a bit confused about what snack to make, let us help you out with the same. Today, we bring you a delicious recipe for potato rings that you would love to devour.

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I think we all can agree that cooking with potatoes is one of the easiest things to do. You can give it any shape, add any masala or even vegetables/meat, and it will undoubtedly adapt to its taste. Plus, even the most inexperienced cook cannot go wrong in the kitchen with making potatoes. So, it goes without saying that making potato rings would be an easy and quick task. In this recipe, you need basic ingredients like spices, herbs, rava and potatoes. Then, you just need to mix them in the right way and fry them till crisp and brown. Once you make them, pair them with a minty garlic dip for extra indulgence. Check out the full recipe below:


Potato Rings Recipe: Here’s How To Make Potato Rings

First, add some butter, garlic, chilli flakes, and oregano to a pan. Then once it is cooked, add some water. Let it boil, and add rava. Once the rava soaks in the water, allow it to cool down. Next, add two mashed potatoes to it and form a dough. Flatten out this dough and cut out small rings using a cutter. Or, you can also cut long strips from it and then make a circle from it. Finally, sprinkle some cornflour and deep fry till crispy.

For the full recipe for potato rings, click here.

Make this amazing snack whenever you feel hungry. Let us know how you liked its taste.

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