Paywall issues, construction dust, lack of discussions on Wire-Meta

Dear NL team, 

I am really disappointed in you. In the last Hafta, I thought you would discuss the biggest media story of the week: the Wire-Meta fight. Two articles on the topic are not enough. I also want to know your opinion on the issue, which is why I tune in to Hafta – to hear your opinions on the events of the week.

But instead, you discussed minor stories: Bharat Jodo Yatra, which you had discussed earlier, and Jayalalithaa’s death. If you can’t even discuss media stories (even those who “are fighting fascism”) which, if I am not wrong, is why Newslaundry was set up, to comment on the media, then you should just shut shop. And these sorts of antics give ammo to your critics – that you don’t comment on the left-wing media.

Hope you discuss the topic in the next Hafta.




So, I have noticed that now videos behind the paywall can be watched on YouTube after opening them from the NL website. The problem with that is once you open it on YouTube, you can easily share the link and anyone can open the video (or else it is hidden on the YouTube page).

This is surpassing the behind-paywall or gifting concept. Kindly look into it.

Thanks. Also, love all your work, especially Manisha’s Newsance.



This is regarding the discussion on the Bharat Jodo Yatra on Hafta 403. Just look at the Lok Sabha constituencies along the route. Many are seats where the Congress lost by a comparatively smaller margin in 2019. So, they are targeting them for 2024. Chitradurga, Bellary, Raichur (KR), Chevalla, Zaheerabad (TS), Nanded, Jalna (MH), Ratlam (MP), Dausa, Karauli (RJ) to name a few. The impact of a mind like PK’s being behind this is very clear. You can do an article on the vote shares and caste/communal break-up of these constituencies.



Hi NL team, I have been a long-time listener of NL Hafta and I always feel my weekend is incomplete if I do not listen to your podcast.

During this week’s discussion on Delhi pollution, regarding construction being the cause of a lot of dust and pollution in the city and Abhinandan lamenting ‘what can we do’ (as if we need to live with it) – it is not correct that we have to live with it.

I say this with decades of experience in the construction industry. There are many ways available to construction crews to control the dust, namely:

(1) use pre-fab construction

(2) take batching plants outside city

(3) control wheel-washing of vehicles in and out of site

(4) use screens to avoid construction dust flying out of site

(5) maintain pathways and site with good paving and water sprinkling to control dust

(6) government regulation

There are many other ways we can help the situation. I felt after listening to you that there needs to be public pressure and education on this topic. Keep doing great work.

Sesha Sai


HI NL team,

To add my two bits to the language debate: It was clear from the guest at this Hafta who, despite being in Karnataka to cover the BJY, he didn’t know the right words to describe a person from the region (Kannadiga), the language (Kannada and not Kannadi), or even the region! Even when interviewing, he gravitated towards Hindi-speaking Rajasthani men. This is a general attitude seen even in Bangalore where Northies can only say “Kannada gothilla” (I don’t know Kannada) despite living there for significant periods.

Languages are vehicles for culture and by imposing or sidelining them, you are essentially disrespecting large parts of the country.

Navneet Vasistha


I reject the presumption that not wearing hijab is freedom. Extending that logic, schools can as well enforce hijab on everyone. On becoming adults, students can choose not to wear it.

The real questions before society and courts are only two. Do we want education spaces to be secular? Do we want dress codes to be secular? Both answers (with honesty) will impact all religions, mostly Hindus.

We have implemented Manuvad in criminal justice, specifically murder and rape. Manuvad has already entered education. Effort is to deepen it further through dress code. So far, most courts have played along but they know that “lagegi aag, to aayenge ghar kaii zadd mai, yahaan pe sirf hamaara makaan, thodi hai…”

Asgar Shaikh


Sekhri often brings back fond memories of an uncle who, in early 2000s, had this unkind joke about the Hindu: Even if someone sneezed in JNU, he would say, the Hindu will find a way to cover it.

It is mostly comical and tragic to listen to him bring up something banal that Kejriwal had said and wait for the panellists to share their views on Kejriwal’s utterances. But I must admit it gets annoying sometimes. I am otherwise an enthusiastic subscriber and credit must go to him for what Newslaundry has become, despite this bizarre fixation.



It may seem too late. But in one of the past Haftas, Abhinandan read out the news about the central government releasing grants for government-owned oil companies and everyone remarked on how it can be that oil companies are in losses given the fact that we are importing oil from Russia. A few months back, there were some data points and articles in various business news outlets that Reliance Refineries and Nayara Energy Ltd import around 60 percent of the Russian oil and they then export it to Europe and the US. After this came out, the government decided to impose windfall tax on oil companies which was then later eased off.



Really appreciate all hard work towards exposing the media and bringing truth before the readers/viewers. The app works flawlessly now. Just one feedback – please add a section where we can go through the daily important news. Because all I see in the app home page is the reports on media and ground reports, which is really great. But some of us really want to just go through some major and important daily news which affects are lives and which are missing in legacy media.

Other than that, sab changa si


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