Pani Ke Pakode: Try Out This Unique Dish That Promises An Explosion Of Flavours

What’s the most flavourful dish that you can think of? Maybe, pani puri or a bread tikki, right? Let us agree that there are very few dishes that truly stand out in terms of taste and flavours. Interestingly, we have a finger-licking recipe that is going to blow your mind. A rare combination of dahi vada and pani puri, these super juicy and mouth-watering pani ke pakode will make your heart sing. This popular food item is a hit in North Indian states. The pakodas made with besan are dipped into tangy water, prepared using green chutney, tamarind pulp and guava juice along with a whole lot of spices. Are you excited already? Looking for the recipe? Do refer to chef Pankaj Bhadouria’s Instagram video. She has shared the recipe for pani ke pakode.   


1) Besan – 1 cup

2) Salt – 1/2 tablespoons

3) Asafoetida – 2 pinches

4) Baking powder – 1/4 tablespoons

5) Green chillies – 3

6) Coriander leaves – 1 bunch

7) Mint leaves – 1/4 cup

8) Lemon juice

9) Tamarind paste – 1 tablespoon

10) Guava juice – 400 ml

11) Water

12) Black salt – 1 tablespoon

13) Chaat masala – 1 tablespoon

14) Chilli flakes – 1 tablespoon

15) Cumin powder – 1/2 tablespoons

Pankaj Bhadouria shared the following recipe for pani ke pakode:

Step 1: Take besan in a bowl. Mix some salt, hing, and water as required. Make a smooth batter out of it.  Leave it for five minutes. Put baking powder and mix nicely. Make pakodas using the batter and fry them properly in hot oil.

Step 2: Empty the pakodas in cold water. Take coriander leaves, ginger, mint leaves and lemon juice together in a grinding jar. Make a delicious green chutney with that. Empty it into a bowl and add some tamarind paste into it to enhance the taste. Add guava juice and mix well. Add some water as well. 

Step 3: Take the prepared yummy water into a bowl. Put black salt, chaat masala, chilli flakes, and cumin powder. Mix nicely.

Step 4: Squeeze the pakodas (from the normal water) and remove the extra water from them. Dip them into the water you prepared. Once fully immersed, serve them on a platter. Pour the flavoured water into pakodas.

Step 5: For garnishing, you can use sliced onions, coriander leaves and lemon wedges.  

Watch the full recipe video for Pani ke Pakore here: 

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What are your thoughts on this unique recipe? Do try it out at home.

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