Paneer Pakora With A Tandoori Twist – You Cant Resist It (Easy Recipe Inside)

For Indian food lovers, all desi snacks are equally appealing. A plate of crispy pakodas is just as tempting as a platter of tandoori tikkas. Both these kinds of snacks offer their own distinctive features that always hit up our taste buds with a bang of flavours. Here is a snack that combines the best of both worlds on one single plate. You may have had aloo pakoda, onion pakoda, gobhi pakoda and paneer pakoda a lot of times, but have you ever tried tandoori paneer pakoda? Maybe, not. So here we are making this exciting fried and crispy pakoda with the smoky flavour of the tandoor. 

Don’t have a tandoor at home? Not to worry. We are using a special tandoori masala that infuses a similar taste and feel of all those tandoori snacks we love. The good thing is that this masala is available everywhere. Tandoori paneer pakoda is just as easy to make as regular paneer pakodas. But since we want to try something new and special here, first marinate the paneer in tandoori masala to infuse the flavours deep inside the paneer. The rest of the process is super easy and quick. 

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Pakoda is a popular Indian snack. 

Tandoori Paneer Pakoda Recipe I How To Make Tandoori Paneer Pakoda 

To make this tandoori paneer pakoda extra flavourful, marinate the paneer pieces for around half an hour in a paste of tandoori masala, lemon, curd, salt, coriander powder and red chilli powder. Meanwhile, prepare besan batter to coat the paneer. Always ensure that the batter is of thick consistency so that the paneer cubes are well coated with the mixture and it doesn’t drip away. The besan batter is also enhanced with some seasoning. And when you are frying the pakodas, first check if the oil is hot enough, and lower the flame while frying so that the pakoda cooks evenly from outside and inside. 

Click here to see the step-by-step recipe for tandoori paneer pakoda. 

Don’t forget to serve these mind-blowing pakodas with an extra sprinkling of tandoori masala. This snack is perfect to serve your guests and will help you make quite an impression. 

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