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On Camera, Car Rams Children On Cycle In Rajasthan, Driver Doesn’t Stop

The car rams the cycle riding children in Rajasthan’s Hanumangarh


A speeding car hit two children riding their bicycle, sending their bike and bodies flying and seriously injuring them in Rajasthan’s Hanumangarh.

The car, a small white hatchback, was coming in at a great speed when it struck the bicyclists late on Thursday evening, showed a CCTV video.

The children – Surendra (12) and Robin (10) – were together on a bike and were turning when the car zooming down the road rammed them. They went cartwheeling into the air and then lay motionless on the ground. Even after the impact, the car did not stop and continued accelerating.

A video of the incident is now in wide circulation.

One of the cyclists is being treated at Hanumangarh, while another is admitted to a hospital in Bikaner.

No police report has been filed in the case yet.

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