Navratri 2022 Special: A Full Course Meal Plan For Navratri Feast

After Ganesh Chaturthi, people are gearing up for Navratri. The festival of nine nights is celebrated with much enthusiasm and joy. This year, it beings on September 26. Just like any other festival, food is an integral part of Navratri as well. Devotees observe fast or vrat and pray for the wellbeing of their family. Many stick to a vegetarian diet, by eliminating certain food items including onions, and garlic. During this time of the year, people host Navratri parties for their relatives and friends. So are you someone who is planning to host a party? If yes then we have curated a full course meal for your Navratri party. From starters to sweet dishes, take a look at this tasty and easy-to-make yumilicious spread. 

Navratri 2022: Full Course Meal Recipes:


1. Kebab-e-Kela 

Ever heard of kebabs made of banana? Well, now you do. While the fruit lends its subtle sweetness, you can add ginger, green chilli, and cardamom seeds to balance it out. To say the least, these kebabs are lip smacking delicious. 

2. Arbi Kofta 

Finely mashed arbi when mixed with ginger, rock salt, green chilli, and carrom seeds gives you a platter of delicious koftas. Serve it with mint chutney. 

Main Course 

1.Sabudana Kichdi 

Sabundana or sago is a popular food item during the fasting season, especially Navratri. While you can prepare a number of dishes with Sabudana, the kichdi remains a forever favourite. You can add peanuts to accentuate the flavour of the dish. Serve it with a bowl of curd. 

2. Kuttu Ki Poori 

Tasty, healthy and gluten-free – three main characteristics of poori made of buckwheat or kuttu ka aata. These crispy poori are an integral part of Navratri menu. 

3. Vrat Wale Aloo Rasedar 

The kuttu ki poori is best paired with vrat wale aloo. All you have to do is replace your regular salt with sendha namak. It gives a delicious spin to the curry. 

Sweet Dishes 

1. Pumpkin and Apple Halwa

It may sound weird, but pumpkin and apple are a great match when it comes to a sweet dish. This delicacy will surely become your favourite too.

2. Vratwali Kheer 

Made of Parsai, a rice-like ingredient, this Vratwali Kheer is a bowl of goodness. You can add raisins, almonds, and green cardamom to amp up the richness. 

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