Mithila Palkars Bengaluru Adventures Includes A Proper South Indian Meal

Mithila Palkar is the rising star on the block! Her work in the OTT hit Little Things has made us fall in love with the actress. That’s not all, she has worked with some of the most iconic actors in the industry including the late Irrfan Khan and the beloved Kajol. With over 3.6 million followers on Instagram, she loves to entertain her fans and followers with her quirky videos and her adorable smile. She makes sure to include us in all her adventure by bringing us behind the scene on her sets and showing what she ate in a day.

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On her recent travels to Karnataka, Mithila Palkar has brought us along with her foodie adventures and her meal looks quite the treat! Mithila Palkar is in Bengaluru for work, she is performing live in the play Dekh Behen. In the middle of her busy schedule, she took a foodie break by indulging in a proper South Indian meal. Take a look:


In the image, we can see a huge banana leaf filled with food! Mithila Palkar enjoyed a proper South Indian meal in the traditional banana leaf. We spotted chicken 65, mutton fry, a gravy, some pulao and tandoori roti. She captioned her story as “eating Andhra food in Karnataka while reminiscing about Kerala”. Mithila’s lip-smacking South Indian meal had me craving for a proper banana leaf! If you are having similar cravings, then here’s how you can enjoy traditional South Indian meal at home:

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Mithila Palkar is quite the foodie and we can’t help but relate to her habits! While we could relate to her excitement over enjoying South Indian food, this is not her first indulgence moment! On her birthday, she enjoyed an entire cheesecake all by herself, just because she was craving it! Relatable, right?!

What do you think of Mithila Palkar’s South Indian meal? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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