Man Allegedly Finds Cockroach In Vistara Flight Meal; Airline Says, “Its Roasted Ginger”

Food and travel go hand-in-hand. And let’s agree, we feel hungrier while travelling for longer hours. It is when the train and flight meals come to our rescue. From samosa and railway-style dal and curry in trains to herb rice and grilled chicken meals in flights – we get variety of dishes to try while travelling. But, it seems a person recently had a not-so-favourable experience while flying from Mumbai to Bangkok. He complained of finding a cockroach in his flight meal! You heard us.

The person, named Nikul Solanki, took to Twitter to share his experience while travelling in a Vistara flight from Mumbai to Bangkok. He stated that he was shocked to find something that looked like a dead cockroach in his meal. He complained to the cabin crew and posted a zoomed-in photo of the meal on Twitter. “Small cockroach in Vistara meal,” the caption read. Take a look:

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The post, in no time, went all over the internet with people reacting to it strongly. One person wrote, “Damn! For the price they take, they should have put a large one. Jokes apart; I feel terrible for you. This should never happen.” Another comment read, “Worst food (in Vistara).” A third person commented, “It is a common phenomenon to find foreign objects in inflight food items. The hygiene in flights is the worst, dangerous as well. Vistara should compensate the passenger, if true.”

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All these discussions grabbed Vistara airline’s attention and they took no time to reply to Nikul Solanki on the micro-blogging site. They stated, “Hello Nikul, all our meals are prepared keeping the highest standards of quality in mind. Please send us your flight details over DM so we can look into the matter and address the issue at the earliest. Thank you.”

The complainant took no time to share his flight details. Vistara, after their investigation, shared a statement that read, “The sample was sent to the laboratory and thoroughly tested. The object in question was evaluated under a microscope and was found to be a piece of sautéed ginger.”

Read the detailed statement by Vistara Airlines below:

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