Maggi Made With Raspberry Ice Cream Is The Latest Bizarre Recipe On The Internet

Fusion food has gained some notoriety in the recent past. We have seen street food vendors come up with the most bizarre combinations that leave the internet confused. Foodies online are left aghast at some of the dishes that the internet concocts. Instant noodles, or maggi, for instance, has been subject to several new variations and versions. From chai maggi to fanta maggi, there is no dearth of bizarre maggi dishes out there. But one new maggi made with raspberry ice cream has left the internet stunned. Take a look at the latest bizarre recipe on the internet:

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The video of the raspberry maggi was shared on Instagram by @radiokarohan, where it received thousands of likes, comments and shares in a short span of time. In the clip, we could see the making of the strange raspberry maggi. First, maggi was boiled and cooked normally in a kadhai. Then, a full raspberry ice cream was dropped into the maggi and the flavours of it were infused into the dish. Even the ice cream stick was not removed from the ice lolly! Next, the maggi was cooked and scooped out into a waffle cone. To add to the eccentric nature of the dish, the street vendor served the ice cream maggi with grated cheese on top!

Internet users were left aghast on seeing this bizarre recipe. A lot of people found the hilarious commentary by the radio jockey funny and relatable. Several others left their comments saying how disturbing the creation was. “Are you serious,” asked one user while another said, “Creativity is on peak level!”

What did you think of the raspberry ice cream maggi? Tell us in the comments below.

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