Madhya Pradesh Boy, 5, Dies In Mother’s Arms Waiting For Doctor

Five-year-old Rishi died outside a health centre in Madhya Pradesh as doctors failed to attend to him


In a shocking incident of medical negligence in Madhya Pradesh, a five-year-old boy died in his mother’s arms without any treatment at a government health centre in Jabalpur district.

Sanjay Pandre and his family had brought little Rishi to the local health centre. However, even after waiting for hours outside the facility, not a single doctor or medical officer attended to the ailing child, and he died in the presence of his helpless parents.

The incident once again brought to light complaints of poor health infrastructure in the state and triggered anguish and frustration among local residents, who claimed that even hours after the child’s death, neither the doctors posted at the health centre nor the medical officer were available.

According to reports, when a doctor on duty at the health centre was asked to explain the reason behind the delay in attending to the patient, he said his wife was fasting the day before and so he was late in reaching the medical centre.

Earlier this week, an incident of financial irregularity in the state’s health sector came to light after police cases were filed against a doctor couple in Jabalpur for allegedly running a scam involving 70 Ayushman Bharat health card holders who were admitted to a hotel, instead of the hospital next door, for treatment.

The ‘patients’ were believed to have been paid by the doctor couple to get themselves admitted to the hotel, run by the couple’s son, so that inflated false bills could be claimed under the Prime Minister Jan Arogya Yojana.

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