Looking For Snacking Ideas? Save This Recipe Cheesy Potato Shots Recipe

It’s 4 pm and you are hungry, what to do? Wait, don’t reach out to grab a bag of boring chips for convenience. Instead, cook an easy-peasy snack right in your kitchen. The question remains – what might this snack be? It’s a cheesy spin on regular potatoes. Any guesses? Well, MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria likes to call it – cheese potato shots. “It’s cheesy! Soft from the inside and so crisp outside… Let’s go munching on these cheese potato shots,” she wrote in an Instagram post. The chef has shared the recipe, and we are drooling over the mere sight of the cheesy potato balls. What are you waiting for? Get going. Save the recipe right away. Take a look at the full recipe video shared by chef Pankaj Bhadouria:

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Potato Shots Recipe


Potatoes – 2 

Cornflour – ½

Salt – 1 tsp

Mozzarella cheese 

Corn slurry 




Step 1: Peel the potatoes, chop and empty them in a pan, cover it with water and boil. 

Step 2: Use a sieve to mash the boiled potatoes

Step 3: Add cornflour, and salt to it

Step 4: Make a smooth dough

Step 5: Break into balls, press, add mozzarella cheese, and seal

Step 6: Dip the balls in corn slurry

Step 7: Next, coat them with breadcrumbs

Step 8: Set the same and leave it to rest for 10 mins 

Step 9: Now, fry them in medium-hot oil 

Step 10: Remove once they are golden brown 

Step 11: Serve with your favourite chutney 

This is not the only cheesy snack you can enjoy when you are feeling hungry. There are many other delicious recipes that can be prepared at home to give your snack-time a cheesy twist. Click here for some cheesy snack recipes. 

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