Kitchen Tips: 5 Mistakes We Must Avoid While Storing Food In Refrigerator

Let’s agree, cooking or spending time in kitchen is the last thing we would want to do after a long tiring day. Many-a-days, it is the same during the mornings too. Mornings are hectic for most of us; and it gets tougher when we make breakfast alongside getting ready for work. This is when smart and modern appliances like refrigerator come to our rescue. In a refrigerator, you can not only store food (cooked) in large batches, but also stack groceries and raw ingredients for whenever you need them. That’s not all. You can store ready-to-eat and frozen foods too. While refrigerator is a boon for all, improper food storage may cause more harm than good. For the uninitiated, improper storage contaminates the food and makes it unhealthy for consumption. Fret not; as always, we have got you covered. Here, we will take you through some mistakes that people do while storing food in refrigerator. Avoiding such mistakes will not only keep the food safe, but also help you use it for longer. Let’s take a look.

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Here’re 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Storing Food In Refrigerator:

Improper Vegetable Storage:

We often store the vegetables in refrigerator, directly after buying it from the market. But that’s not how it should be as every vegetable needs unique treatment while storing. While potatoes and onions should not be stored in refrigerator, vegetables like carrot, radish, cauliflower etc should be stored without wrapping them in any plastic or paper bag. Then comes the leafy vegetables. Ideally, the greens should be cleaned, rinsed well, and stored in zip-lock after they get dried completely.

Washing Every Fruit And Vegetable Before Storage:

While it is advised to rinse leafy greens before storage, always keep in mind, not all fresh produce needs equal treatment. Washing vegetables like carrots and cauliflowers and fruits like guava, orange etc before storing might leave excess moisture on the produce, leading to bacterial growth. This could potentially lead to various health issues.

Storing Food In Wrong Compartments:

If you look into a refrigerator, you will find different compartments are dedicated to different types of foods. The division is made keeping in mind the kind of food you are storing. So make sure, you store right kind of food in right shelf to make sure that the food stays fresh for long.

Not Covering Leftover Foods While Storing:

We all store leftover foods in fridge; don’t we? But what we often miss is to cover the food while storing. Cooked meals should be packed correctly to avoid any kind of bacterial formation in the food. If left uncovered, the cooked food not only gets contaminated, but also increases the chance of spoiling the other foods stored alongside.

Over-packing The Fridge:

While it is always a good idea to stock up groceries, but over stashing them might just have an opposite effect. Over-packing the fridge might shorten the lifespan of the foods.

Now that you have these simple hacks handy, follow them while storing food in refrigerator and make life easier and fuss-free.

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