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Kerala Governor Alleges University Vice Chancellor Planned Attack On Him

Kerala Governor Alleges University Vice Chancellor Planned Attack On Him

Kannur University’s Vice Chancellor is sitting in the post because of political reasons, he said.

Thiruvananthapuram/New Delhi:

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan on Sunday launched a scathing attack on Kannur University’s Vice Chancellor (VC) by calling the latter a “criminal”.

The Governor accused Vice Chancellor Gopinath Raveendran of being part of the alleged conspiracy to attack the former when he was invited to the varsity amidst the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) agitations in the country.

“He was party to the conspiracy to hurt me physically. He is a criminal. He is sitting as VC because of political reasons. I was invited there by the VC. What was his duty when I was attacked? Was he not supposed to report it to police? He did not do so,” Khan told reporters in the national capital.

He claimed that the Raj Bhavan had asked the VC to send a report to the police regarding what had transpired on stage, but he did not do so.

“In normal course, I have no business to say anything against any VC. If I have to take action, I can. I have the power. Why should I speak publicly? “But, I have been forced to speak publicly because this VC has crossed all limits of decency, of academic discipline. He has ruined Kannur University. More than a VC, he is a political cadre… He was behind the conspiracy to attack me at Kannur University,” Khan alleged.

The Governor said that he had later received reports from “very high quarters” that people knew that the conspiracy was hatched in Delhi. “He (VC) was part of it,” he again claimed.

On what action he would take on returning to Kerala, Khan said, “My only plan is to set the house in order. The position of Kannur University is such.” However, he also said that whatever action he takes would be based on expert legal advice and not to satisfy his personal ego and added that he has always welcomed criticism as it “keeps me careful, straight and law abiding”.

There was no immediate reaction from the VC to the allegations by the Governor.

Khan’s remarks came as the tussle between the Governor and the ruling CPI(M) escalated further after he, using his authority as chancellor, stayed the Kannur University’s move to appoint Priya Varghese, wife of former Rajya Sabha MP K K Ragesh, as Malayalam Associate Professor in Kannur University. PTI HMP TGB HMP HDA HDA

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