Jeevan pramaan: How pensioner can submit annual life certificate using doorstep banking

A biometrically enabled Aadhaar-based Digital Life Certificate for retirees is called Jeevan Pramaan. An individual pensioner‘s Jeevan Pramaan, or DLC, is generated using his or her Aadhaar number and biometrics.

The Jeevan Pramaan/Pramaan is valid for only one year. The certificate’s validity period is determined by the rules laid out by the Pension Sanctioning Authority. A new JeevanPramaan Certificate, or a new Pramaan Id, must be obtained after the validity time has passed.

Eligibility for Jeevan Pramaan i.e Digital Life Certificate

According to Jeevan Pramaaan website, “A pensioner whose Pension Sanctioning Authority (PSA) is onboarded on to JeevanPramaan is eligible for Jeevan Pramaan. List of onboarded PSA, can be found under ‘Circulars’ tab on the portal. A pensioner who is re-employed or re-married is not eligible to make Jeevan Pramaan i.e Digital Life Certificate.”

Step 1: Download the Doorstep Banking App for submitting a life certificate.

Step 2: Choose your bank for doorstep service.

Step 3: Enter and validate your pension account number.

You can proceed after viewing the Doorstep services prices.

Step 4: Make payment to use the service, payment charges depend on the bank

Step 5: Once you submit your request, you will receive an SMS with the agent’s name.

The bank representative will visit your home to finish the Life Certificate filing process.

  • Download: Mobile App i.e “Doorstep Banking (DSii)” can be downloaded from Google .Playstore.
  • Pensioners can access through Web Browser i.e
  • Through Toll free Number:-, 1800.1.0371.88.

How to submit life certificate through doorstep banking via IPPB

India Post Payments Bank IPPB offers banking facilities along with Digital Life Certificate at your home with our Doorstep Banking (DSB) services.

This service is offered to IPPB and non-IPPB users, according to the India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) website. A customer can request a doorstep visit from the postman/Grameen Dak Sevak in order to use the Digital Life Certificate (DLC) service. They can also call the nearest post office. The Department of Posts has also made it possible to schedule doorstep requests using the Post Info app or website.

Note that a minimal price of Rs. 70 (including of GST/ CESS) will be levied for each successful generation of DLC.

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