Japanese Pastry Shop Ended Up Selling Plastic Pastries To Customer By Mistake

There is no fixed way to express creativity; this is something we all can agree on! Art can no longer be defined to be just one definite thing. It can be a billion-dollar painting in a museum or it can just be the food on your plate. Nowadays, the culinary world and art world go hand in hand – with chefs creating beautiful sculptures out of a cake to artists painting food on plates – these artistic innovations have questioned reality itself! Recently, the confluence of the two worlds caused a little accident that we are sure will make you laugh out loud. A shop ended up selling pieces of art mistakenly to customers, thinking it is food!

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According to AFP (Agence France-Presse), the incident took place in Osaka, Japan where a pastry shop known as Andrew’s Egg Tart ended up selling plastic pastries to the customers. Now, you must be wondering why the shop had plastic pastries in the first place. Food models, also known as shokuhin sampuru in Japanese, are plastic replicas of food that are used to show the food that is being sold by the pastry shop. Rather than keeping freshly-prepared food on display that would go stale by the end of the day, the food samples can be displayed again and again without being spoiled. The food samples are generally made of plastic, wax or resin.

The staff of Andrew’s Egg Tart couldn’t tell the difference between the food sample of the egg tart and the actual egg tart and ended up selling the plastic food samples to unwary customers. Later on, they apologised for mistakenly selling the food sample, reported AFP.

What do you think of this incident? Would you also get confused by the food sample? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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