Inside Masaba Gupta’s Post Diwali Recovery Plan

There was a different joy in mindlessly chomping on sweets and mouth-watering delicacies during Diwali. However, if you’ve over-indulged on the occasion, now it’s time to detox and get rid of the excess toxins taken in from all the calorie-laden foods. Agree? If you are someone who is wondering how to start, then fret not, Masaba Gupta has come to your rescue. She is certainly planning to detox and somehow, get back on track. The ace fashion designer shared her post Diwali recovery plan through a series of Instagram Stories. Using the hashtag as a title “Masaba swears by,” the designer has listed the way she deals with the festive binge.

She wrote, “Post Diwali recovery (I’m not gonna say diet cos don’t believe in it, just believe in getting back on track after some fun).” She further added, “Also, this is everything that works/has worked for me! May not work for you so please suit yourself.”

“Let’s start with the basics,” she added. Masaba mentioned six things you need to follow on this recovery journey. She stated:

· Intermittent fasting 16-18 hours

· 1 liter of water as I wake up (total of 3 litres a day)

· Oil pulling with sesame oil (5-7 minutes)

· Haldi water gargle

· Eucalyptus oil steam

· MOVE – I did some yoga today and sweat is the greatest detox if there ever was one.

Masaba also dropped a recipe for digestive or de-bloat tea. To make this, you need the following ingredients:

· Jeera – 4 tablespoons

· Coriander seeds – 4 tablespoons

· Saunf – 4 tablespoons

· Cardamom – 4

· Ajwain – ¼ tablespoons

· Water – 2 liters

Masaba suggested putting the ingredients together in a tea, boiling it and bringing it down to 1.5L. She stated, “Drink on an empty stomach and before meals throughout the day.”


Masaba Gupta shared another slide on Instagram Stories mentioning, “If food has been your downfall – Let food, not starvation, be your medicine.” Her simple vegetarian lunch includes sukhi daal, tendli, laal saag and buckwheat methi roti. Along with it, she added, “No second helping.”


Meanwhile, how do you like Masaba Gupta’s recovery plan?

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