How To Reheat Idli And Keep The Freshness Intact

Think of South Indian food and the first few things that come to mind are crispy dosa, vada and idli, it’s a paradise for foodies. If you look around and explore, you will come across a myriad of shops and carts, selling lip-smacking South Indian food in every nook and cranny of the country. Besides, making them at home is quite easy too. While speaking of humble idli, this dish is soft, fluffy and extremely light on the stomach, making it one of the most preferred breakfast foods in India. But let’s agree, whenever we think of making idli at home, we always end up making more idli than required. Some of us use them in making new recipes; others may place them in the refrigerator to have them later. Ever tried to reheat them? If not, here we bring you a few easy ways of reheating idli at home. Take a look below.

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Here’re 3 Easy Ways To Reheat Idlis:

1. Microwave

Here we bring you a microwave technique that can instantly reheat your idli. All you need to do is take a microwave-friendly plate and fill it with leftover idli. Next, take a glass or a small bowl filled with water. Place the plate inside the microwave along with the glass. Microwave the idli for 45-50 seconds. Wondering why we placed the water glass inside the microwave? Well, that’s because water helps in adding moisture to the air, thereby keeping the idli from drying out.

2.  Steamer

The other way is fairly simple. Take an idli steamer/cooker, fill it with water. Place a single idli tray or a stand inside the steamer. Place all the idli on top of it. Cover the steamer and wait for 2-3. And voila, you have achieved the result!

3. Instant Pot

Fill the container with water. Take a stainless-steel strainer and place it on top of the pot. Now, add the idli and cover the container with a lid. Wait for a few minutes and it’s done!

Try these quick easy ways of reheating idli and let us know how they worked for you in the comments below. For more such easy hacks, stay tuned!

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