How To Make Soft Naan- 5 Tips To Follow

Let’s admit it, as soon as the weekend comes, our desire to eat all of our favourite food increases. There is something immensely satisfying about indulging in a variety of delicious foods. And, if you are someone who loves to cook Indian food, you came to the right place. While you are familiar with various curries, gravies, and sabzis, Indian breads are also an important part of the cuisine. But perfecting them can be a task. Take, for instance, naan. Naan is widely loved and eaten, but getting that soft and stretchy texture is challenging. So, if you want to perfect making naans, here we have some tips that you can follow:

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Here Are 5 Tips For Making Naan

1. Choose the correct flour

Flour is the basic for making naan. Many of us use both wheat flour and all-purpose flour for the dough. The wheat flour does not give a stretchy consistency. Instead, it might make it tough. So, whenever making naan, use only all-purpose flour with some oil.

2. Add yeast

Some of us don’t add yeast as we may not know how to use it. But the trick is simple. Take some lukewarm water, mix a spoon of yeast in it and let it rest for a while. Now, add the yeast in the middle while making the dough and fold it gently. Let it rest and give it time to rise.

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3. Add yoghurt

Full-fat yoghurt is used to give naan its enticing, chewy texture. Without this, your naan might not come out as soft as you want it to be. All you have to do is add the yoghurt and let it rest while after kneading the dough.

4. Give the naan a zing

Once your dough is ready, you can add more flavour to your naan by rubbing a masala paste or garlic paste. If you wish to, you can even add herbs and chopped onions and potatoes to it. This elevates the taste of your basic naan and makes it tastier.

5. Cook on high heat

At home, we do not have a tandoor. So, the trick to cooking a naan at home is putting your pan on high heat. Then throw the naan over it with some ghee or butter. Flip the pan downwards so that the naan is facing the flame directly. You will notice that your naan has started to rise and is being cooked perfectly!

So, the next time you make naan at home, keep these tips in mind!

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