How Nutrition And Food Plays A Key Role For Good Mental Health – Expert Reveals

“Healthy food for a healthy lifestyle.” One must concentrate on eating a balanced diet that will give the body all the nutrients it needs for growth, maintenance, and immunity-building. But along with bodily well-being, it is equally important to concentrate on mental health. In today’s time, we come across many people who give importance to physical fitness. They work out regularly to maintain a healthy body but are unaware of the connection between a balanced diet and mental health. In recent years, the relationships between nutrition and mental health have gained considerable interest.

Without including mental health, the concept of fitness is incomplete. Regarding the prevailing mental health problems, India is at a critical stage. According to the most recent NCRB study, suicide deaths have grown by 7.2% since 2020, directly reflecting the general lack of mental health in the population. Therefore, we must take note of the prevailing situation to address mental health issues using various strategies.

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It is extremely important to address mental health issues, especially in this day and age. Photo: iStock

How Nutrition And Food Plays A Key Role In Mental Well-Being

Three key factors-emotional, psychological, and social well-being are essential to maintain good mental health. Today, phrases like stress, anxiety, and mental pressure are used far too frequently by everyone, from school-age children to seniors. Be it the pressure to perform well at school, work, or any other area. These elements have an impact on the person’s general health as well as his mental state. Sports, yoga, and exercise are some approaches, but each must be combined with a simple but essential element: a nutritious, well-balanced diet. It gives the brain the nourishment it requires. It keeps the human mind stable and gives it energy. Additionally, it improves memory, which is essential in our daily life.

So the question arises, what kind of diet should we follow to maintain mental health? All the essential proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are beneficial for the development of the human body are present in nutrient-rich foods. However, you might think about ingesting some foods for mental wellness. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. are included. The following foods should be a part of your diet if you want a strong and healthy mind.

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The healthier you eat, the better it is for your mental health too. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Here Are Some Foods To Improve Mental Health:

  1. Green leafy vegetables: Because of their nutritional significance, dieticians and nutritionists constantly advise including green leafy vegetables in our diet. Green leafy vegetables contain antioxidants, dietary fibers, minerals, alpha-linoleic acid, and vitamins. Vegetables with leafy greens are a good source of vitamin K. Studies have demonstrated that Vitamin K can help prevent the development of anxiety and depression.
  2. Fruits and berries: Consuming fruits and berries can help in enhancing brain function. Both memory and anti-aging processes can improve by it. Studies have shown that fruit eaters are more likely to report higher levels of mental wellness and are less likely to experience depressive symptoms than non-fruit eaters. Fruits and berries are also rich sources of antioxidants.
  3. Fish: Omega-3 fats is rich in fish. These lipids are crucial for the brain, and these fats must come from the diet because the human body cannot manufacture them. Epidemiological studies show a link between poor dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids and depression. Seafood such as oily fish and fish supplements are excellent sources of Omega-3.
  4. Nuts: Almonds and walnuts are excellent for improving mental well-being, and walnuts also contain Omega 3 fats, just like fatty fish. On the other hand, Almonds are a good source of vitamin E and may support memory enhancement.

These are a few foods that are quite accessible to us. For a healthy mind, we must incorporate them into our diet. Remember, an unhealthy mind, even with a healthy body, will ultimately mean poor overall health.

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