High-Protein Recipes: 5 Veg Dishes Loaded With Proteins And Ideal For Desi Lunch

Did you know that almost every cell of the body contains proteins? That’s how important proteins are for the body! Many foods enrich our bodies with proteins. Eggs, chicken, fish and mutton – these non-vegetarian foods are known to be excellent sources of proteins. However, vegetarians can’t eat such high-protein non-vegetarian foods. So how can a vegetarian get protein in their diet? By consuming vegetarian foods that are also high in proteins! People tend to have the misconception that only non-veg foods are good sources of proteins but the truth is that a lot of veg foods are also rich in proteins. Paneer, soybean, chickpeas, kidney beans, pulses, quinoa and tofu are all known to be loaded with proteins. Keeping this in mind, we have found easy Indian lunch recipes that are high in proteins and taste delicious!

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Here Are 5 High-Protein Vegetarian Recipes For Lunch:

1. Veg Soya Keema – Our Recommendation

The vegetarian variation of the keema, this recipe replaces minced meat with granulated soya! Granulated soya is cooked in red chilli powder, haldi, garam masala, coriander powder and more hot spices to give it a masaledaar taste. Pair this with roti for a nutritious dinner.

Click here for the full recipe for Veg Soya Keema.


2. Matar Paneer

This classic paneer curry is a lip-smacking indulgence that is also loaded with proteins. Tender cubes of paneer and peas are bathed in a spicy and tangy gravy to make this quick and easy curry. Matar paneer tastes delicious with steamed rice.

Click here for the full recipe for Matar Paneer.

3. Chole

Often paired with bhature, chole-bhature is known as an unhealthy food combination. But the truth is that bhatures are high in fats but chole are extremely nutritious and delicious! Chickpeas are cooked in aromatic spices to make for a delicious gravy. Rather than pairing chole with bhature, choose a healthier alternative like roti.

Click here for the full recipe for Chole.

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4. Rajma

Rajma chawal is probably one of the most delicious comfort foods in Indian cuisine! Kidney beans are a great source of protein and when pressure cooked with hot spices, give a scrumptious curry. If you don’t wish to eat rajma with chawal, you can also eat it with roti.

Click here for the full recipe for Rajma.

5. Chana Dal Biryani

This veg biryani from the Hyderabadi cuisine is spicy and delicious! Also known as Qabooli biryani, it is super easy to make and highly nutritious, thanks to the combination of pulses, herbs and rice. You can pair this biryani with raita or salan.


Click here for the full recipe for Chana Dal Biryani.

Try out these high-protein vegetarian recipes for lunch and do tell us in the comments section which one you liked the most!

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