Healthy Breakfast Recipes: 7 Desi Oats Recipes That Are A Must-Add To Your Menu

After partying over the weekend and eating to our heart’s content, we all want something healthy. While parathas or chole bhature for breakfast seem tempting, it’s not something we wish to start the week with. So, if you have also decided to eat healthily, how about trying some oats!? Now we know that oats are not everyone’s favourite. Their taste may seem bland to many people. But, that doesn’t mean that oats are always boring. In fact, if you search, there are many delicious oats recipes you can cook! Here we bring you some yummy oats recipes for breakfast.

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Here Are 7 Indian Oats Recipes

1. Oats Idli (Our recommendation)

South Indian is a favourite of many, so of course, idlis had to be our top recommendation! In this recipe, we replace the rice batter with oats flour. You can even add some vegetables to this to make it nutritious. Once you make them, pair them with chutneys and relish!

Oats Idli

2. Oats Daliya

Many people who are trying to lose weight prefer dailya for breakfast. This recipe is an excellent source of vitamins and fibre, which can help you control your blood sugar levels. This recipe is also full of flavour, giving you the much-needed zing!


3. Oats Matar Cheela

This oats matar cheela is a crowd-favourite! The cheela is a nutritious breakfast food that is high in protein and other necessary nutrients. With matar, you can even add more vegetables. Plus, it hardly takes any time to cook.

Oats Matar Cheela

4. Masala Oats Vada

This masala vada is created with oats and spices that instantly give it a zing in taste. The best thing about this recipe is that there is no overnight preparation needed for the vadas. They can instantly be made when you feel hungry.

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Oats Masala Vada

5. Oats Cutlet

This oatmeal cutlet is one of our other favourite recipes! It is a nutritious recipe that combines roasted oats, cottage cheese, and vegetables with tangy spices. To make it less oily, you can air-fry it or pan-fry it.

Oats Cutlet

6. Oats Dahi Masala

In contrast to typical oat dishes, this recipe for oatmeal dahi masala tastes quite different. This recipe is simple to prepare, has a mild taste, and allows flavour customisation.

7. Oats Upma

Upma is a popular breakfast recipe. We generally make upma with suji. But, this time, make this delight with oats! The taste will almost be the same. However, there might be a slight difference in the texture. You can add vegetables and spices to this as per your taste.

Try out these recipes and let us know how you liked their taste!

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