Google Earth User Spots “Alien” In A Car, Internet Puzzled

Google Earth User Spots 'Alien' In A Car, Internet Puzzled

Google Earth is widely used by people across the world. (Representational Photo)

Internet users sport bizarre things on Google Earth that attract many eyeballs on social media. This time, a Google Earth user has claimed that she spotted an alien lurking in the backseat of a car, according to a report in Daily Record. Forty-five-year-old Crystal Patterson was looking for a garage sale in a US town of Mapleton in Maine when she made the eerie discovery that spooked social media, the outlet further said. She came across an odd-looking character while using the imaging platform to see the location of the garage sale.

Ms Patterson zoomed in and was stunned to find an “alien face” staring out of the vehicle’s backseat.

“Can someone please tell me what I’m looking at in the backseat? The only reason I found this is because I was scoping out the location of a garage sale, which was located at the property in the background,” she was quoted as saying by Daily Record.

“The driver looked naked, so I zoomed in because I’m nosy, and thought the distortion of the figure in the back. My first thought was it was an alien,” she further said.

Her discovery sparked a debate among social media users in Mapletown. “How on earth did you spot that?” asked one user. “Clearly an alien,” commented another.

Google services like Google Earth have been used by people for different purposes, who found photos which are normally not visible by the naked eye. It gives a 3D representation based on satellite pictures and on-the-ground photos of an area.

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