Gauri Khan And Bhavana Pandey Are Suhana And Ananya’s “Momagers.” ROFL Explanation Here

Koffee With Karan 7: Gauri Khan And Bhavana Pandey Are Suhana And Ananya's 'Momagers.' ROFL Explanation Here

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For all the Koffee With Karan fans out there, we are happy to announce that the latest episode featuring Gauri Khan, Maheep Kapoor and Bhavana Pandey is finally out. As Karan Johar said, “This girl gang is here to spill it all on the Koffee couch.” We couldn’t agree more. The episode was all things fun. Why wouldn’t it be? We have Karan Johar on the hot seat. From discussing their three-decade-old friendship to the ups and downs of their lives, the trio made the episode a hit. The highlight was the messages shared by their daughters – Suhana Khan, Ananya Panday, and Shanaya Kapoor. The trio, who have been BFFs since childhood and often call themselves “Charlie’s Angels,” made it a point to spill secrets about their darling mummas.

While Ananya Panday and Shanaya Kapoor shared video messages about their moms, Suhana opted for an audio note due to a work contract.The one thing they all agreed upon was that their moms are also their best managers, or should we say their “momagers.” 

Suhana Khan, while speaking about Gauri Khan, was all praise for her mother for “being the most confident person”. Suhana also revealed that she seeks her mom’s approval before posting anything on social media because Gauri Khan is “always right.” 

In the audio message, Suhana Khan can be heard saying, “I feel like there isn’t one word I could use to describe my mum. But I feel like every time I think of her, I just think of her being the most confident person I know. And she just doesn’t do it, she doesn’t want to. And she is not rude about it or anything. But she’s just so comfortable with herself. And I think I just look up to that most. She’s also kind of a ‘momager.’ Like not kind of, she will, she wants to see everything before everybody else can see it. So sometimes I am like, ‘Let me just post one picture, without showing you first.’ But then I always send it to her. Because I am okay, I don’t want it…Because I know she is always right.”

Did you know that Ananya Panday’s team at work has a nickname for her mom Bhavana? “We call her BBB, which is Bigg Boss Bhavs because all the information goes to my mom, about how my hair is looking if my lipstick shade is fine, if my clothes are fine, if this jacket is fine, which shoes I should wear with what. She is omnipresent and everyone’s very terrified of her on the team…She’s definitely my “momager” in that sense and she is very good,” revealed Ananya.

We all agree with Shanaya Kapoor that Maheep Kapoor is “not a regular mom, she is a cool mom.” Here’s the reason, according to Shanaya, “Whenever I have to go out, stay out till late or have to do something that’s a little wrong, she’s always like, ‘It’s fine. I will hide from dad. I will do it, you go have fun.’ She is extremely cool and allows me for everything.”

The trio also talked about why they look up to their moms and how “snoopy” Gauri Khan, Maheep Kapoor and Bhavana Pandey can be when it comes to their personal and professional lives, all in a good way.

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