Gal Gadot Has A Soft Spot For Croissant And We Have Proof (Video Inside)

Being an actor is not easy as it seems! Not only do actors have to learn new skills every time they do a new movie, but sometimes, they also have to change their bodies entirely for the movie. Especially actors who take on superhero movie roles! We have all seen actress Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman in her fit form. Therefore, we assume that actors always eat super healthy, no-carb and low-fat foods! But recently, Gal Gadot shared a video on her Instagram feed that changed our minds. Take a look:

Following one of the popular trends of reels on Instagram, Gal Gadot gave us a glimpse of herself chowing down on croissants. Shocking, right?! We’d assume that her superhero role wouldn’t allow her to eat carbohydrate-rich food like a croissant but it seems Gal Gadot eats what she wants and when she wants to. The pre-recorded audio that Gal Gadot was lip-syncing to was saying “Today I wanted to eat a croissant, so I went to a place that sells croissants and I bought a croissant”, and that seems to be exactly what Gal Gadot did. People all over the world seem to relate to Gal Gadot’s mood and the video has gone viral! It has 7 million views and 640 k likes (still counting).

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With over 85.9 million fans and followers on Instagram, Gal Gadot loves to share funny moments and creative content on the photo-sharing platform. While we saw Gal Gadot eating a croissant today, what she really seems to enjoy eating is mac and cheese. Even with a busy schedule, Gal Gadot doesn’t skip out on her bowl of mac and cheese. We got a glimpse of her eating the pasta dish while getting ready for a work event!

What do you think about Gal Gadot’s croissant indulgence? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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